Digitalise water metering and reduce your bill

Monitoring consumption and detecting leaks are major daily challenges for your organisation and your building managers. 

Managing water sustainably is part of your ESG strategy.

Carbolean markets the solution of the Brussels-based startup Shayp, an expert in water efficiency and management in buildings.

Engage in a sustainable and efficient approach to your water management thanks to the measurement and analysis of water flows in real time. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the Shayp application will alert you to any leaks in your building’s pipes or drains and to any wastage.

Adapted to all types of buildings (offices, industrial sites, shops, multi-residential, institutional, etc.) the solution allows maintenance managers to monitor water consumption remotely and to be immediately warned if abnormal consumption is observed.

The benefits of Carbolean

1. Experience

15 years of experience in digitising data collection for organisations

2. Carbolean as prime contractor

Carbolean takes care of the entire implementation of the Shayp solution, including
– Project management & coordination of installations
– Audi of sites and equipment (meters) to be modified or replaced
– Planning of installations and activation of data loggers
– Configuration of the monitoring platform and alerts

3. Fully automated leak detection

No manual configuration or arbitrary leakage thresholds, let machine learning work its magic for extreme accuracy.

4. Non-invasive technology

No need to modify piping or install cables. The datalogger has a 10-year battery life and communicates information every 30 seconds.

5. Index reading

Accurate remote reading of water meter readings. Save time on meter reading.

6. User-friendly system

Comprehensive and user-friendly information accessible on a Carbolean Dashboard (PowerBI) for field technicians and managers.

7. Multi-site

Perfectly suited to managing multiple assets and meters.

8. Easy integration

Bi-directional API integration (external data retrieval or integration on other platforms).