How can Carbolean help you?

Carbolean has developed an approach for collecting and aggregating the data required for ESG reporting.

This approach is suitable for all types of organisations around the world.

Carbolean’s strengths

15 years of experience in digitalising data collection and aggregating different data structures.

Very rapid implementation for more than 70 data sources already known to Carbolean.

Implementation of the Carbolean solution is not an IT project. Carbolean does not interact with your information system, so there is no risk to the security of your computer network.

Possibility of retrieving and integrating data logs.

Automated data aggregation makes the difference between two companies; a difference in cost, a difference in speed and a difference in accuracy.

A programme with 3 simple and effective steps


Carbolean collects

Carbolean automates collection of your raw data – at the source. In practical terms, Carbolean connects to your suppliers or automatically retrieves data and selects the necessary transactions depending on whether it is a non-financial report or a carbon footprint.


Carbolean organises

After collecting the data, Carbolean organises them in different categories (by scope, by date, etc.). By structuring the data, Carbolean facilitates exploitation and analysis of the data.


Carbolean transfers

After collecting and organising the data, Carbolean® transfers them to a PowerBI Dashboard, or even directly to your applications.

The transfer of data includes the ability to audit them.