Your carbon neutrality with Carbolean

Carbolean has developed a unique approach to help you achieve the CO2 emission reduction targets set. This approach is suitable for all types of organisations around the world.

Carbolean’s strengths

Carbolean calculates CO2 emissions and presents a set of indicators (KPIs) in a dashboard (Dashboard Power BI) that is clear and easy to read and use.

With your CO2 Dashboard you can accurately assess your carbon emissions by country, business unit, supplier or scope. Fine granularity (down to the user) allows the impact of a CO2 reduction policy to be accurately measured down to each user, and to respond very quickly if necessary.

A programme with 4 simple and effective steps


Establish the history

our programme starts by collecting the history still available from your suppliers. Usually, consumption histories ranging from 6 months to 3 years are available as a sliding window from suppliers. It is therefore essential to start this monitoring immediately so as not to lose data that could already show you that concrete results have been achieved.


Calculate your CO2 emissions using the GHG methodology

Every night, our robots connect to all your suppliers to collect transactions from the following elements :

  • fuel cards,
  • electricity or gas meters,
  •  electric car charges,
  • photovoltaic panels,
  • water consumption,
  • waste,
  • plane or train travel.


Do you have production data from your production lines or from the heating of your industrial buildings? We will integrate them! Based on these data, we implement the GHG (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) methodology to calculate your CO2 emissions.

For each consumption and use collected, we apply the appropriate emissions factor for Scope 1 (Fuel), Scope 2 (Electricity) & Scope 3 (indirect emissions) in order to convert them into kilos of CO2. We draw up a table of your CO2-equivalent emissions measured objectively by an independent company and updated daily.


Optimising your carbon footprint

Calculating your CO2 footprint helps to identify the most attractive opportunities for CO2 reduction. You will be able to validate the effectiveness of the actions taken to reduce the carbon footprint. Do you want better results? We are here to advise and guide you towards more promising actions!


Communicating with your employees

For Carbolean, it is clear: you need to transform your employees into actors in the sustainable development of your company. While it is now evident to everyone that companies involved in reducing their emissions communicate the fact to the general public, it is also evident to Carbolean that communication to your employees is fundamental to your success. For this reason, we put in place a voluntary programme to raise awareness among your employees about their CO2 emissions.