Reducing your carbon emissions starts with knowing your CO2 footprint

To comply with the stricter emission standards imposed by the European Union, you must be able to monitor the CO2 emissions of your buildings and your vehicle fleet very closely.

But how can data from such diverse sources (energy suppliers, leasers, banks, oil companies, etc.) be processed?

Carbolean, the CYC2 carbon programme, collects all the data relating to buildings and transport wherever they are to provide you with a dashboard of your CO2 emissions every day.

With this clear visualisation, you know whether the actions taken are the right ones or whether it is necessary to make corrections.

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Carbolean is a team of passionate visionaries at your service

Stay on track
with us

Our customers appreciate working with us because of our passion. It is true that in an environment where everything is changing very quickly, we remain determined to examine and understand these changes and to offer you solutions to stay on track.

We can together establish
a sustainable relationship

We love sustainable relationships with our customers and partners more than anything else. Loyalty, honesty and consistency are our core values. In a constantly changing world, our values remain the same and guarantee you excellent service.

Your professional

Helping you to better respect the environment may seem ancillary to your activity. Important, but ancillary. However, with the professional service with added value from an experienced and highly qualified team, it becomes a central and profit-making issue.

Our independence is
our guarantee of credibility

We work according to the strictest standards and apply official methodologies with the strictest independence.

Pioneers in automating
the collection of your energy data

We are indeed proud to be the only ones to have developed this technology that can automatically extract your energy transactions from supplier portals every day. Our advantage over other solutions? The automation and conversion of transactions into CO2 emissions almost in real time.

Your environmental challenge
is ours too

Because your environmental challenge is ours too, we want to build a relationship based on trust and cooperation. It alone will enable us to offer you the right solutions and actions aimed at reducing your carbon footprint and achieving the targets set.

Involve your employees, they are the first to want to take action

Employees are the actors in the company’s sustainable development, so provide them with information on their own carbon footprint at work! In the future, they will no longer want to work for a company devoid of CO2 virtue.

We love sharing experience

In addition to the objective of monitoring your CO2 emissions, we will share with you the successes or failures experienced by our other customers in the strategies put in place to reduce their carbon footprint. Knowing what does or does not work will save you a lot of time.

Your data are a gold mine opportunity that is not grasped

Few suppliers keep their customers’ usage data for more than 6 months. Each day that passes is a measurement point for comparison that is lost.

Carbolean, is also a series of projects already in place :

  • Claudio Macarrão
    Claudio Macarrão, ZETES

    ZETES – Monitoring our CO2 emissions is an obligation but also a real concern for us who want to always do better.
    Outsourcing the production of these reports with Carbolean is a real relief.

    see the project
  • Frédéric Witmeur
    Frédéric Witmeur, CYC2

    Take your climate issues seriously
    sees the Carbolean service as a showcase illustrating its competitive advantage

    see the project
  • Caroline Ceustermans
    Caroline Ceustermans, SWIFT

    Add value to your car policy
    Carbolean enables SWIFT to visualise the ecological impact of fleet electrification.


    see the project

We thank them for their confidence